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If you're looking to access equity for a home remodel or just lock in a better rate, we have competitive refinance options to fit your goals.

What we bring

Why Refinance?

Local Underwriter

Our underwriter at Idaho First Mortgage will bring fast and expert results with their local experience.

Easier Payments

Interested in more manageable payments? Refinance to bring down your monthly mortgage payments.

Pay Off Sooner

Hoping to pay off your home sooner? Refinance for a shorter mortgage with us today.


Our Process

why should i refinance?

There's a lot of reasons to refinance your mortgage. If you're looking to lower your monthly payments, increase payments to pay off your home faster, change your rate, or just shop for a better deal, refinancing is for you.

What is a cash out refinance?

If you're in need of quick cash or are looking forward to financing a home improvement project, cashing out on your home equity is a great place to start. A "cash out refinance" is when you take cash directly from the equity you've made in your home. It will increase your monthly payments and loan amount, but you'll have the money you need for whatever you need.

What information do you need to refinance?

Information about the home:

  • Zipcode and home's address
  • Type of home (condo, single-family home, townhome, etc.)
  • Property cost
  • Downpayment amount

Your information:

  • Credit score
  • Annual income
  • Employment status

How much can i expect to pay in closing costs for my refinance?

Closing costs are often 2-5% of the loan you refinanced.

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